Critics Agree | Dellamarie Parrilli, Artist l contemporary, abstract, experimental.

  Dellamarie Parrilli

Critics Agree

“Parrilli is one of those rare artists who comes at things from another direction, proceeding intuitively with nary a glance at the art magazines to see which way the winds of change might be blowing. Her intuitive approach springs directly from her life experience in a way that it is not common amid the self conscious strategizing of the post modern era. Without expecting an artist so restlessly experimental to settle into complacency or stop surprising us with each new exhibition, it seems safe to say that Parrilli’s visual vocabulary seems indicative of a mature direction … it is clear that the exquisite simplicity she has achieved signals a profound arrival.”

Ed McCormack, 2009, Editor-in-Chief of Gallery & Studio, New York, NY Former writer for Village Voice and Rolling Stone


“Hoping to capture impressions of transparency, “layers of life and spirit and motion,” Parrilli, who lives in a world surrounded by light and air, water and sky, set off on a quest to find and create an analogue for the luminosity of the natural world … using an industrial material for a ground and experimenting with mixed media Parrilli has created surfaces over which light ripples and refracts and an imagery that appears to be infused with a different level of drama and intensity than can be attained through traditional means. Taking brave chances: enlarging her vocabulary, expanding her chromatic choices, and experimenting with innovative techniques to pursue her personal vision … Parrilli’s new works do indeed take one into a realm suffused with radiant light.”

Ann Landi, 2009, Contributing Editor of ARTnews Author of Schrimer Encyclopedia of Art


“Parrilli Lights Up Madison Avenue … Parrilli continues to climb toward the Light and to celebrate the divine in an oeuvre which seems to grow more radiant with each succeeding exhibition. Indeed, her power as a colorist is such that it often appears that she has dipped her brush in liquid light rather than physical pigment.”

Ed McCormack , 2008, Editor-in-Chief of Gallery & Studio, New York, NY Former writer for Village Voice and Rolling Stone


“Dellamarie Parrilli utilizes the density of abstraction in order to create an intricate link between color, concept and emotion. Traces of thick, swift brush strokes cover the surface of each canvas giving way to sporadic bursts of color that lend shape to deep, metaphysical ideas. Not overly concerned with realistic representations, the artist’s subject is both her own inner feelings and the viewer. Parrilli’s work is clearly hermeneutic yet it reaches out to the observant eye through the layers of color intensity. Parrilli flawlessly demonstrates an expertise that can reflect a thorough assessment of what lies within.”

 Jill Conner, 2007, NY Arts, Contemporary Sculpture,, Art Papers and New Art Examiner Member of International Association of Art Critics


“In everything Dellamarie Parrilli does the beauty of composition seems to be her top concern. Parrilli who brought art to her music is now bringing music to her art and the songs are as lovely as ever.”

Edward Rubin, 2006, NY Art Writer, NY Art Examiner Member of International Association of Art Critics


“Dellamarie Parrilli’s paintings are visual journeys to self-discovery. Viewers probe their translucent layers where inner and outer worlds coalesce, contrast and harmonize with each other. The rhythmic compositions and tactile surfaces resonate with passion and inspiration.”

Renee Phillips, 2005, Manhattan Arts International


“Parrilli orchestrates the canvas in the best tradition of the Abstract Expressionists who elevated American painting to preeminence in the art world by emulating the improvisational methods of jazz musicians. One of the most worthy successors of these “action painters,” Parrilli generates visual excitement… Her broad layered strokes, laid down with a palette knife knitting together her compositions with a muscular thrust, provide her signature contribution to the tradition. Parrilli’s synthesis of subjective emotion and natural inspiration imbues her compositions with a powerful lyricism and triumphant spiritual resonance.”

Ed McCormack, 2004, Editor-in-Chief of Gallery & Studio, New York, NY Former writer for Village Voice and Rolling Stone


“Diverse Styles in a Lively Dialogue…at Cork Gallery, Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center, NY…Exuberantly lyrical, the large, freely brushed abstract canvases of Dellamarie Parrilli, with their lush, sensuous hues, invariably provoke a joyful response in the viewer.”

Byron Coleman, 2004, Gallery & Studio, New York, NY


Like the most stirring of symphonic music, Parrilli’s art has complex juxtapositions that appeal to contrasting emotions within the viewer… Parrilli has an intensive kinship with Kandinsky and Malevich… spirituality reflecting an otherworldly echo seems to exist within the paintings… multiple visions between the vibrant foreground and the exquisite background. Astounding in their luminosity, viewers are marveled by the density of color which make the streaks and windows of pure light that much more brilliant…the hues Parrilli explores are not academic experimentations, but rather extraordinary emotional and evocative displays of the crux of expressionistic painting and moving visuals inspiring in magnitude and magnificence.”

Ruthie Tucker, 2003, Executive Director, Curator Amsterdam Whitney International Fine Art


“Dellamarie Parrilli brings a breath of fresh air to the contemporary art scene! Virtuostic compositions open up windows to the world and define a greater sense of reality…a born master of her medium…her compositions have a spontaneity that is contagious and immediately envelopes and excites…bold, radiant colors leap from the canvas…she literally sings and dances on her canvas…continues tradition of de Kooning, Kandinsky, Mitchell, but from her own unique perspective and introspective vision with a joie de vivre that she shares with us. We are lucky indeed to welcome her into the mainstream of contemporary American art.”

Nancy di Benedetto, 2002, Professor, Marymount Manhattan College Lecturer, Metropolitan Museum of Art


“That Parrilli achieves a similar chromatic intensity and mystical resonance with the traditional medium of oil makes her work all the more remarkable. Indeed, few painters come close to her ability to infuse color with luminosity. Coupled with her chromatic sensitivity, Parrilli possesses a natural gestural fluidity that enhances the immediacy of her canvases immeasurably, imbuing her compositions with rhythmic vigor and vitality. Her painterly vocabulary is so varied as to seem virtually unlimited. Parrilli is a restless and intrepid experimenter who refuses to limit her aesthetic horizons. Intricate overall compositions…lyrical color…bold strokes…coloristically complex…symphonic in visual terms…all off Dellamarie Parrilli’s paintings are possessed of a singular grandeur which sets her apart as an artist who appears destined to endure.”

Ed McCormack, 2002, Editor-in-Chief of Gallery & Studio, New York, NY; Former writer of Village Voice and Rolling Stone