Artist Statement | Dellamarie Parrilli, Artist l contemporary, abstract, experimental.

Dellamarie Parrilli
Beyond 2D … Breaking the Barriers

Artist Statement

Watching and fascinated by the reflections and motion of Lake Michigan, I wondered, could I, as an artist, recreate the same depth and luminosity. I knew that it could not be captured on canvas. I would need a new medium … a new approach. And so I began the most amazing and rewarding creative journey of my career. After years of endless searching and experimenting … success. I created paintings that go beyond the limitations of 2D … paintings that connect to something vaster, more mysterious and far less definable that ego, body, or personality. These paintings explore Zen states of formlessness, the energetic layers of life, and dissolve the narrow definitions of self.

I paint (mixed media) on translucent sheeting (polycarbonate thermoplastic film) utilizing the industrial sheets in a variety of surfaces as innate parts of my compositions. Their inner swirls provide a dramatic counterpoint to vibrant colors in works that literally play with light. This body of work includes paintings, panels, and assemblages … minimal,complex…smalltomonumental…freeformandtraditionalformats. These works draw on the vocabulary of abstract expressionism, a synthesis of personal experience and direct material reality. This art opens toward a sense of the infinite by creating a feeling of space through gestural strokes and by superimposing image upon image. Through these means, a sensation of translucence and immateriality is created.

I create to share myself and my passion … to connect with others and invite dialogue.
I express from sources within, interested in exploring “interiors” … emotional, spiritual, and psychological. I explore that which comes from and projects itself toward infinity a reality that is accessible to all. I am inspired by the realm of the subconscious including the spiritual, combined with a modern approach and preoccupation with psychology and introspection. I am drawn to that which establishes the continuity of existence and drives on toward the truth and totality of experience, engaging the senses while allowing the exploration of the viewer’s own inner reality.