Dellamarie Parrilli, Artist l contemporary, abstract, experimental.

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                                  “Parrilli is a restless and intrepid experimenter who refuses to limit her aesthetic horizons.”

                           ” … it appears as though Parrilli has dipped her brush into liquid light rather than physical pigment.”

                                                           “a profound arrival … Parrilli lights up Madison Avenue”

                                                      “Parrilli does for fine art what Avatar did for motion pictures”


Dellamarie Parrilli, is an American artist, recognized as “one of the most talented contemporary abstract painters painting today. Parrilli’s canvases, though uniquely her own, bring to mind Kandinsky, de Kooning, Pollock, Tobey, Mitchell and even early Rothko”.  As one critic wrote, “Standing in a gallery filled with Parrilli’s paintings one can’t help but marvel at the breath and depth of her painterly vocabulary – her brilliant freshness, remarkable virtuosity, vibrant colors and sumptuous paint surfaces, her innate musicality, as well as her triumphant spiritual resonance.”